Changes in Wood Street

Art Interventions

A series of public artworks and interventions for Wood Street.

The Art Interventions in Wood Street were given the collective title of Wood Street Inside Out. It is a programme of public art projects seeking to enhance the character of Wood Street, Walthamstow: restoring heritage buildings, providing new planting, signage, street furniture and shop frontages, and commissioning a number of art projects connecting and animating diverse spaces and communities.

The following projects have been completed and can be seen in the slide show:

Wood Street Picture Palace
Inspired by the former film studios and cinemas on Wood Street, artists Emily Tracy & Lizzy Hobbs collaborated with local residents to create a new animated film for a public screening on Wood Street

Wood Street Open Art Competition
In February 2012, the WOOD STREET INSIDE OUT open art competition drew almost 100 entries. The competition, to produce an original artwork that best evokes the special qualities of Wood Street, was won by artist Guy Haywood. His bold graphic raises the spirits, voicing a very positive sentiment which many people should be happy to adopt: there are no limits to what we can achieve!

The artwork was reproduced as a limited edition on 1000 cotton shopping bags, which were distributed by host shops and settings along the length of Wood Street.

Tall Tales
East London artist Vic Lee, wrapped the hoardings alongside Wood Street Library with elaborate text and illustrations inspired by the stories of local residents.

The theme of the piece was stories and tall tales of the area. Vic spent time talking with the colourful folk from the area, hearing some very dubious tales from the past and spent some days with both primary and secondary schools in and around Wood Street, getting input from the locals for the final work.

Piecing together stories and illustrating in sections, meant Vic could change and adapt the work as it progressed.

The final piece of artwork stands 2.5 metres high and 18 metres in length and is printed to dibond.

When Wood Street Draws
Local artist Della Rees and art collective Artillery worked with a range of local traders and service providers to host a programme of playful public drawing games. Over 100 participants recorded their experiences of the neighbourhood and contributed to a charming book of drawings that explored the character and potential of Wood Street.

A Quest for…
Artist Verity-Jane Keefe has been commissioned to produce the second Wood Street Inside Out moving image commission.

A Quest for Bronze Tanning is, in essence, a portrait of place in the midst of many changes: looking very closely at the physical fabric of the area as it is now, whilst considering what used to be here and what is yet to come.

While making the film Verity produced 3 editions of a fanzine for Wood Street which highlighted research as it unfolded.