Changes in Wood Street


Planning permission has been granted for proposals by East architecture, landscape, urban design to improve the playground. The works are expected to go on site after the summer.

A)  It is proposed to:
  • reorganise seats on the plaza to create social spaces outside shops and restaurants
  • increase tree planting
  • pull family focused play uses closer to the main Plaza space
  • create a route through the play area to the Indoor Market which could accommodate activities such as film screenings and occasional markets

B) Social Multi-Use Games Area

It is proposed to relocate the ball court to open up the opportunity for creating a ball game area that follow best practice guidance for play. The court will be designed to be open enough to allow people to engage with games that are going on while using other facilities such as the large swings, see-saw or long bench. In this way different groups (in terms of age, sex, cultural background) will have opportunities to participate in the use of the space – this is currently not always possible.

The games area will feel safer, because you can move in and out of the space in more directions, there will be greater visability of the area from the street and homes around and a wider range of users.

C) New Link

The space which would link Marlowe Road / the Indoor Market and the Plaza will be able to accommodate a wide range of uses – including film projections and occasional markets.

Along the playground a timber fence is proposed – inspired by buildings in Waltham Forest – a miniature ‘film set’ for creative play.

D) Playground

The playground is designed to allow for a wide variety of play, including natural and creative play. Larger equipment is proposed to be located at the Marlowe Road end, while smaller scale equipment and equipment for younger children is proposed to be located nearer to the Plaza, to allow for easy supervision and social interaction amongst parents and carers.

Building on the consultation undertaken to date and a survey of existing equipment it is proposed to reuse key items (subject to refurbishment costs) and complement these with new key pieces from the Timber Play range.

It is proposed to plant trees within the playground to create an intimate atmosphere and provide natural shading in the future.