Art Natur-El

Botanical artwork

Art Natur-El is the home of elegant organic art that is positively unlike any other artistic work found under the banner of ‘botanical art’.  The artist, Virginia, skilfully tailors actual plant parts in their natural state to depict various forms. One of the key distinguishing features of Art Natur-El works, however, is that in pieces featuring botanical subjects, Virginia uses one plant part to create another. A wide range of  other life forms as well as scenery are created using parts of the plant. This makes her work truly unique.

Virginia’s rare form of art brings nature from the outdoors in, and adds a touch of tranquil elegance to indoor spaces. The works reflect a high degree of artistic flair and finesse that is uncommon to most other organic art on the market today. They are equally desirable as personal purchases and as gifts for all occasions.

Where to find us


Unit 6,
Indoor Market,
98-100 Wood Street,

E17 3HX
07983 470080